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Edward Woods (Los Angeles, California)
commented 23 minutes ago
Thanks for this! My friend told me about garcinia a while ago and he's lost a fair bit of weight but it was kinda expensive so i'm glad to see the offer as an option here, thanks!
Diana Parker (Dallas, Texas)
commented 3 hours ago
The survey was quick and easy. I chose the skin product ;)
Sharon Jones ()
commented 12 hours ago
can't wait to try the anti-wrinkle cream!
Mike Heckstall (New York, New York)
replied 9 hours ago
LOL, this is awesome... no wrinkle cream for me but i got another offer so thats great
Katherine Kulas (Little Rock, Arkansas)
replied 7 hours ago
Ha no kidding Mike you don't look like you need any skin cream anywhere soon :) I decided to get the anti-aging cream though, always looking for the next-best thing!
Dorothy Rister (Palo Alto, California)
replied 3 hours ago
I hear you on that one Katherine
Anthony Owen (Corpus Christi, Texas)
commented 13 hours ago
I was a little skeptical at first but I just received my supplements today and had to jump back on here to post this
Bart Wallace (Portland, Oregon)
replied 2 hours ago
I was very skeptical as well but I got my supplements too and just paid for the shipping so that's very goo
David Baker (Columbus, Ohio)
commented 18 hours ago
This is great, I wasn't sure what to pick so I figured I couldn't go wrong with a diet product since I'm gettin' up there :D I got it in the mail and I told my girl about it too she started looking for the survey everywhere until she found it and got herself the hair product and she just pay for shipping. Really amazing.